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Modern X-Ray equipment

Inspection equipment
Inspection equipment

Low dose X-ray Scanning system for screening visitors and passengers to detect under clothing or body cavity hidden objects.

Transport scanning
Transport scanning

Digital x-ray scanning of transport and the large-sized technics for the purpose of detection of illegal passengers, weapon, explosives, etc.

Equipment for nondestructive testing
Equipment for nondestructive testing

X-ray scanning over large-sized products, cast preforms, welded seams, etc. is the most effective and modern way of quality check of goods..

UE SENS actively develops and manufactures the X-Ray inspection technique and X-Ray equipment in the sphere of digital radiography and spectrometry, namely:

Highly sensitive digital X-Ray detector DXD was invented and created by the employees of SENS enterprise .The given technology received patents in the countries of CIS, Europe and America. This technology gave the possibility to make a qualitative leap in digital radiography, to improve the received image and to reduce the radiation dose up to the level of natural radiation background of the ground.

Digital scanning technology and X-Ray equipment  of SENS enterprise have a high export potential and enjoy stable demand among the specialists, exercising anti-terrorist activity .

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