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We are building a new office!


Project of office building with laboratory premises along F.Skoryny street in Minsk city was developed according to the Edict of the President of the Republic of Belarus № 667 dated 27.12.2007; Architectural planning task № 666/10 dated 10.09.2010; Ground area selection Act  dated 22.09.2010; Contract № 10 dated 12.07.2010 and Supplementary Agreement to it № 610 dated 08.10.10.

It is suggested to place the designed object in the intersection of F.Skoryny street and Minsk encircling highway (MKAD) in the north-west part of the city on the border with woodland. Currently construction site of total area 0.35 hectares is free from buildings to be demolished.

Reference mark ±0, 000 is a mark of 1st level wearing floor. Building’s overall dimensions at the 1st floor in axes are 18.0 x 54.0 m.

The main idea at designing the office building was to provide contemporary level of architectural planning concept of development to blend in the particular urban planning situation.

In facade finishing there are used modern materials – coating with ceramic granite, reveting of piers with metal panels, tinted glass, painting with brick and concrete paint on improved decoration plasterwork.

The concept includes construction of 9-floor office building that logically completes a corner in the intersection of the streets Developed №1 and Developed № 2.

The designed building is a multipurpose complex.

The building is designed in precast structure.



Minsk Municipal Executive Committee

Committee for Urban Development and Architecture № 14-03-01/11-18/149 P dated 18.11.2010

UP Design-Studio SENS

Stroymashproject Ltd.

Committee for Urban Development and Architecture on the grounds of Ground area location selection Act  dated 21.09.2010 approved by the Chairman of Minsk Municipal Executive Committee on 22.09.2010 has considered a draft project of office building with laboratory premises along F.Skoryny street (Stroymashproject Ltd.; object № 10.10; Chef Project Architect – Schasnaya Zh.P.) and principally approves it for further development.

Color scheme of facades is to be worked further.

Chairman of the Committee                          signature                     V.D.Nikitin 

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