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About the company

The enterprise SENS was created in May 1990 by the academician of the International Academy of Sciences Vladimir Trofimenko who is its permanent director. With 1996г. the enterprise actively is engaged in development and manufacturing of the high technology equipment in area of digital radiography and spectrometry. By development of new products the enterprise actively cooperates with scientific laboratories of the Byelorussian State University and the Byelorussian State University of Computer Science and Radio Electronics.


UE SENS actively conducts development and manufacture in the field of digital radiography. Employees of SENS had been developed high-sensitivity digital x-ray detector DXD on which patents were received in the countries of CIS , Europe and in America. The given technology has allowed to carry out a qualitative leap in digital radiography, to improve the received image and to lower a doze of an irradiation to a level of a natural radiating background of the ground. High-sensitivity detector DXD is applied in radiographic systems released by the enterprise to various spheres of application in area of :

Skilled designers, nuclear physics , radiologists, engineer – electronics and programmers work at SENS enterprise, leading experts have scientific degrees, scientific publications and patent development. 
UE SENS releases production totally adequate to all modern requirements, constantly modernizes already existing models and develops new.

The high level of quality and development of the enterprise is marked by awards of the international exhibitions. Production of SENS enterprise has a high export potential and enjoy stable demand among the specialists, exercising anti-terrorist activity .

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