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20 years ago I proposed a job to leading specialists, which are able to deal with the toughest tasks and which have been already successfully working with X-RAY systems. We have succeeded! We at “SENS” are a committed team have been able to achieve and create probably the best scanners in the world for our high quality and low price.

Today all this scanners are resisting terrorism in many countries and continents. This Principal of using safe X-RAY has been patented by “SENS” and this has helped our company to use it in medicine and defectoscopy. We created digital X-RAY systems for protecting terroristic attacks in all kind of transports, including underground. We can propose scanners which can help to protect from stealing diamonds and precious metal in the mining. Our systems can protect VIP residences, nuclear and military facilities and many more that you can find out on this site.

Vladimir Trofimenko

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