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Private Unitary Enterprise “SENS” was established in May 1990 by Trofimenko Vladimir Pavlovich, MANPO academician, who is a permanent director.

Since 1996 the enterprise has been taking an active part in development and production of science intensive equipment in the sphere of digitized radiography. Experienced constructors, nuclear physicists, radiologists, electrical engineers, programmers and designers are working for “SENS” enterprise. Key specialists have academic degrees, scientific publications, patents. In developing new products the enterprise actively collaborates with laboratories of Belarusian State University and Belarusian State University of Informatics and Radio Electronics.

Our company’s employees have developed highly sensitive X-ray detector HDXD, on which a patent was received in CIS, Europe and America. Highly sensitive X-ray detector HDXD is a key constructive element in the output, produced by our company. The use of this innovative technology enabled to achieve a qualitative leap in digitized radiography, improve the received image and reduce radiation dose to the level of the Earth natural radiation background.

Due to high scientific and production potential our company can develop and produce output for solving nonstandard and complex tasks. Currently “SENS” enterprise produces output, that meets all modern requirements, and in the quality of technical decisions has considerable superiority over the leading companies in the global market of radiographic scanners.

Today our company offers broad spectrum of radiographic equipment to consumers under the patent brand name KONSIS.


  • security and control systems against terrorism
  • systems of nondestructive check of products
  • systems of examination and inspection of transport and traffic
  • modern medical diagnostics systems

KONSIS systems, developed and produced by our company, work effectively in airports and are installed in VIP, residence pits and freight terminals of different countries. For example, more than 600 000 people have passed selective control through the one KONSIS system, installed in Domodedovo airport.

Production of  “SENS” enterprise has high export potential and is in fixed demand, because we have simple and clear principles as a basis:

  • modern level of development
  • quality assurance of produced output
  • guaranteed service and technical support for customers
  • accessible, competitive product price
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