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Antiterrorist complex “Consys-Delta”


The complex serves for prevention of terrorist intentions and is used by special services in the places suitable for system checking of vehicles, drivers and passengers moving in checkpoint area, crossing guard territory of military and nuclear facilities, moving in residences of VIP persons and other sensitive sites like populated areas (stadiums, squares, barrack and etc.)

Control operations:

  • Phased selective control of vehicle numbers and registration documents for a vehicle.
  • Personal identification of a driver and a passenger.
  • Authenticity verification of driver and passenger documents.
  • As appropriate personal identification by means of fingerprints.
  • Checking for weapon and explosives (conventional, plastic-based, ceramic) in clothes and on the body by means of driver and passenger scanning.
  • As appropriate checking of driver and passenger luggage for banned substances and articles
  • As appropriate checking for explosive residue on the body, clothes and the hold baggage of a driver and a passenger by means of a gas monitor.
  • Checking of vehicle for concealed weapon and explosives by means of scanning.
  • The results of all control checks are displayed on a computer screen and archived for further analysis.  

List of complex equipment:

  • Camera for capture of number plates over a distance up to 800 m.
  • Camera for identification of a driver and passengers who is on the wanted list.
  • Checking system for authenticity verification of documents.
  • Device for personal identification by means of fingerprints.
  • Control scanning system CONSIS for checking for banned articles, different types of weapon and explosives in clothes and on the body.
  • Control scanning system AUTOCONSIS for checking of vehicles for concealed weapon, explosives and other restricted articles.
  • Master server for data processing and archiving of obtained information.
  • Operator armored cabin.
  • As appropriate complex is equipped with special canister for elimination of explosives at the location.

Complex personnel

  • Qualified operator – 1 person.
  • Operator assistants – 2 persons.
  • Special guard ( for security assurance of inspection) – 2-3 persons.

Price formation depends on the list of equipment which is defined by security specialists.

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